What is the next level of yoga? Inversion. What is it?

 In Yoga

In·ver·sion – inˈvərZHən – noun – the action of inverting something or the state of being inverted.

The inversion of the normal domestic arrangement is a definition of inversion and hi yoga etc is here to help you get inverted.

Inversions are a staple in a good yoga practice. Turning upside down, or bringing the head below the heart, stimulates the nervous system, brings more oxygen and blood flow to the brain, boosts the metabolic rate and energy levels, and boost the lymphatic system.

Now turning ourselves upside down is contrary to our normal locomotion and may feel unnatural at the start. The key is a proper foundation as inversion yoga depends on skill as power and flexibility.  hi yoga etc is ready to share the proper steps with you in a relaxed setting. Yoga is a great pathway to remove yourself from what has become routine and find unique experiences. Inversion yoga is a great way to reinvigorate your practice. There are also five key benefits in inversion.

Feeling that 3pm slump coming on? Get upside down! Heating inversions such as handstand, headstand, and forearm balance get more blood moving to the brain, which results not only in physical invigoration but mental revitalization as well.

While the heating inversions (handstand & headstand) energize, inversions of the cooling type (shoulder stand & legs up the wall) work to calm the nervous system, thereby activating the parasympathetic nervous system and producing feelings of balance and calm.

Improve balance:
Up the anti! Once balancing on one or two legs has been mastered, the obvious next step is finding equanimity on hands and head.

Increase core strength:
Shoulders and arms—especially for women who tend to be stronger in the lower body, inversions create body balance by developing upper body strength.

Build confidence:
While that first kick up into handstand might induce varying levels of trepidation, once we “get it”, that upcoming job interview suddenly doesn’t seem so daunting. 
Interested in inversion? Sign up for our inversion class, get inverted, find an uncommon perspective in your expanding yoga practice. 

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