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Our boutique yoga and studio are designed to inspire, offering a safe place to be yourself. Find the right fit for you with a variety of teachers and classes to welcome everyone. Come find your bliss!


Owner | Director of Bliss

Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist E-RYT-500

Erika is an extremely passionate fun-loving teacher and you’ll understand the moment you meet her. Her smile welcomes you into the room and it is soon accompanied by her warm personality. She is a multifaceted teacher with vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to practicing yoga. The foundation of her teaching is threefold: stilling the mind (chitta vritti), connecting breath with movement, and cultivating love, gratitude, and self-awareness.

Erika attended her first yoga class in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the practice. Battling depression for many years yoga introduced Erika to a means for a happier and healthier life. Erika knew that she wanted to give the practice of yoga to others so in 2017 she traveled to Bali and received her 200-hour yoga certification. Erika began teaching immediately upon returning and fully committed to teaching Yoga decided to continue her studies. In 2018 she completed a one-one 300 hour advanced teacher training and started her journey to become a Yoga therapeutic specialist with Yoga Medicine® in 2019.

Erika graduated as a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist in April 2022 after over 2 years of advanced studies. Yoga Medicine® is not a style of yoga but rather a training system that educates the teacher to view the body on a much deeper level to understand the function and dysfunction of the human body, based on the understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, pathology and the traditional practice of yoga, all in order to work more effectively within a yoga setting. Erika is grateful to be able to bring these evidence based practices to better assist her students, her fellow teachers, and the community. 

She has collected certifications over the years including: Mental Health informed, Meditation, Y12SR (Yoga 12 Step Recovery), prenatal yoga , Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Myofascial Release, Trauma informed, Advanced Anatomy and the list goes on.

Olivia Montiel

Blissful Yoga School Leader|




Olivia Montiel offers a dynamic range of healing modalities. She is an experienced Yoga teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, & Certified Cupping therapist. Olivia studied at the Kripalu School of Yoga under the guidance of Larissa Hall Carlson, Michelle Dalbec, Sudhir Jonathan Foust ,Coby Kozslowski, and Shiva Rea. She also studied with Balarama Chandra Das & Dr. John Doulliard at Kripalu’s School of Ayurveda. Olivia received her first certification from Shiva Shanti Yoga School, training with Shivadasi a Jivamukti master teacher, and Ma Ba a Sanskrit scholar.

Olivia encourages her Yoga students to arrive exactly as they are. Her classes are both empowering and intentional. Her blend of focused breath work and fluid movements result in nourishing sequences for practitioners of all levels. With a student-centered approach, Olivia creates a safe space for practitioners to explore their Yoga practice. One of her favorite ways to connect with her students and dive deeper into the practice of yoga is through leading Yoga retreats and workshops. She has led retreats in both France and the United States, and also guides workshops more regularly on a local scale.

Natalie Galliano

YOGA TEACHER | Bliss Dealer

Natalie is a Florida native and E-RYT200 & RYT500 instructor, who stumbled along her calling to become a yoga teacher after taking a solo trip to Bali and diving herself into a meditation retreat, which inspired her through the yogic philosophy. Her mission is to guide her students to tap into their physical, mental, and emotional body, to find alignment and wellbeing. She also finds joy and fulfillment in teaching young children yoga and mindfulness techniques, to give them a strong foundation of body awareness, empowerment, and calmness. Natalie is humbled to have had this practice bring her courage, strength, and self-awareness during challenging times, and is grateful to be able to share the same experience with others. Out of the studio, she loves to be in the sun, ground herself in nature, and spend time with her Shih Tzu dog.

Shelby Gorstein

YOGA TEACHER | Bliss Dealer

Shelby is a E-RYT 200-hour who cultivated a consistent yoga practice in 2015 and completed her teacher training in 2019. Her authenticity and passion for the practice invites students to dive deep in, connecting movement to breath, and letting go of stress and mind chatter they may be holding onto.

Shelby strives to balance effort and ease on and off the mat and hopes to inspire students to do the same. She embodies an unwavering excitement for the never-ending possibilities in the lifelong yoga practice and is honored to share it. She holds an additional certification in Yin Yoga.

Posey Daves

Yoga Teacher | Bliss Dealer

Posey yoga journey started when she was 16 years old. She started yoga to remain flexible during her athletic career. As the years went on yoga became much more than just the yoga poses: it became a way of life – on and off the mat.

Posey passionately believes in the power of yoga to transform someone’s life – physically, spiritually, & mentally. She strongly believes anyone can practice yoga. Yoga is for everyone – no matter your age, gender, race, size, athletic ability, etc.
Posey loves teaching yoga to beginners to seasoned yogis. She genuinely loves sharing the practice of yoga with others. Posey believes everyone deserves to shine brightly & gain inner peace within themselves.

As a teacher, Posey creates an environment for her students to shine & reconnect with their inner beings in a judgment-free space. She is honored to help others reconnect with themselves through the power of yoga.

In 2020, she released Radiant Beings, Align Your Chakras – an e-book about aligning your chakras (energy wheels) through affirmations, crystals, & yoga poses.
Posey completed her 200-hour teacher training at Zeal Yoga in the Winter of 2017. Her teachers were Jessica Coyne and Jennifer Suereth. Posey completed her Reiki training at Embrace Yoga DC with Reiki Master, Jessica Mahler. Posey completed her 300-hour teacher training with Caroline Wyber in the winter of 2020. She completed her Restorative Yoga Teacher Training in August 2021 with Tara Lemerise.

Mary Debellis

Yoga Teacher | Bliss Dealer

Mary’s yoga journey started almost twenty years ago with a home VHS tape. She enjoyed the movement of yoga, but had yet to realize or understand the mind / body connection.
On a Saturday morning in early 2017, Mary walked into her first yoga studio class, now known as Ananda Yoga. One hour later, she was hooked. To this day she can’t explain it, but she knew this had just changed her life, and has been coming to this studio ever since. After meeting one of the new yoga instructors in Janurary 2018, Erika, who is now the owner, again Mary knew her practice was about to change. Being encouraged and challenged made coming to the mat fun and exciting.
In 2021, Ananda announced they would host their first YTT200 training. Mary was skeptical if she could do it, but her fellow yogis encouraged her to take the leap. It was definitely not a decision that she will ever regret.
Mary’s mission is to make coming to the mat fun, so you will want to keep returning time and time again. There are so many directions yoga can take you, having fun can just be the beginning. Come to be encouraged, challenged, and to feel the support from your fellow yogis. Find out where yoga takes you!
Mary is a proud Baby Boomer, Classic Rocker, newly retired, and a yogi.
Come flow with Mary! 🙂



Brittany Lynch

Yoga Teacher | Bliss Dealer

Brittany is a E-RYT 200 whose perfect day includes sunrise beach yoga and a lovely yin class in the evening. After trying many different forms of physical activity growing up, yoga was the only one that continued to spark joy. She eventually became captivated by the freedom to explore the strength and capability of her body and mind. Yoga allowed a place for her to be fully present and listen to her own body, a place where she could be fully curious. She decided to pursue YTT as a way of deepening her own practice, when she realized that she enjoyed sharing the practice with others just as much as the practice itself. A devoted practitioner who finds balance with both a fiery flow and a cool meditative practice, she aims to aid her students in finding & cultivating balance in their everyday lives. She wants students to be able to show up to her class and leave the world behind while taking time to explore what makes them feel good in the present moment.

Jen Whaley

Yoga Teacher| Bliss Dealer

A midwestern girl with a case of the wanderlust, Jen Whaley began her adventure where she grew up in southeast Michigan. She attended the University of Detroit Mercy, from which she graduated in 2011 with a BS in Biology and a MS in Physician Assistant Studies. After graduation, she headed south – as far south as she could go – and would call Key West, Florida her home for the next five years, where she worked as a PA both in the emergency room and a local women’s health care center. It was there that she found and fell in love with the practice of yoga. What began as a complementary practice to running and weight-lifting, quickly became a deep dive into yogic philosophy and an even deeper dive into herself.
In 2016, she let go of her apartment, sold her car, and quit her jobs, lightening the load as she headed for the Appalachian Trail. She didn’t know it then, but this would be the beginning of a major shift in her life as those white blazes taught her how to walk consciously. She began putting feet to dirt more mindfully on her own spiritual path.
In 2017 she received her 200-Hour YTT Certification, after which she began guiding meditation and teaching hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, and stand up paddleboard yoga. Over the next few years, she was introduced to shamanic breathwork, plant medicine ceremony, and A Course in Miracles, all of which would impact her greatly and which she now incorporates into her offerings. In 2019, her journey took her to California, where she received a post-graduate Certificate of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and Research from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. There, she studied the use of both indigenous and western psychedelic medicines used alongside psychotherapy in a supportive setting to assist in trauma healing, and has since begun holding space for others looking to deepen their own healing practices through alternate states of consciousness.
She lives in South Florida, where she is a psychospiritual coach, yoga instructor, breathwork facilitator, & birth and postpartum doula.

Ben Oliveri

Yoga Teacher | Bliss Dealer

Ben is a E-500hr RYT who started to dabble in yoga after suffering a back injury as a college athlete, and initially used the practice to find pain relief. Following an extensive break from the practice, he was once again was drawn back into it- and this time became hooked after realizing the powerful benefits that yoga has on one’s mental health. His favorite part about teaching yoga is giving people a feeling of calm and peace, and realizing that they have all the tools they need within themselves- something that Ben learned himself through consistent practice.
He has lived around New England for most of his life, while recently escaping to Costa Rica during the winters- where he has done all of his yoga teacher trainings. A few of his favorite things are traveling, dogs, baking bread, and the Miami Dolphins.
Ben’s breath-centered vinyasa flows are sure to make you feel strong and powerful, and his yin+restorative classes will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease.


Lauren Mezera

Yoga Teacher| Bliss Dealer

Lauren began her yoga journey as a small girl, taking her first class with some friends in middle school. She instantly fell in love with the practice and the way it allowed her to blend together her love for dance and play. As she got older her practice became a way for her to connect more deeply to herself and held space for a beautiful inner journey to begin. Lauren graduated from her first 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 with the goal of becoming a full time yoga teacher. Since achieving this goal Lauren has dared to dream bigger, and is now working to blend all of her skills to help her clients achieve whole soul healing on all levels. Lauren integrates yoga asana, meditation, sound healing and soul alignment coaching to help guide her clients to a place of balance and harmony between mind , body and spirit. She believes her dharma in this lifetime is to hold space for her own healing journey, while simultaneously guiding others on thiers.

Lauren Musselman

Yoga Teacher | Bliss Dealer

500+hr ERYT, International Yoga Instructor, Lauren Musselman has studied and shared the practice and principles of yoga all over the world. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Lauren moved to the Big Apple as a teenager and quickly learned how to “hustle and grind” the New York way. After years of wear and tear, and a little convincing from a friend, yoga found her right on time! She began her yogic journey in 2012 in the Hamptons and never looked back. Since then, Lauren has taught yoga, meditation, and philosophy from New York to Florida, India to Portugal, Sweden to Australia and beyond. Studying with the likes of Yogi Charu, Bryan Kest, and Ana Forrest, Lauren has created a way of intricately weaving classic philosophy into modern life concepts for all levels. Capturing your inner balance, stamina and strength, her classes will incorporate a moving mediation that is as challenging as it is light hearted./span>

Anita Freitas

Yoga Teacher| Bliss Dealer

Anita is a south Florida native, born & raised in Boca Raton. She attended the University of Florida & the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine where she received her masters degree in acupuncture. Throughout her studies, she fell in love with eastern philosophy and discovered her passion for yoga. She has since completed 500 hours of yoga teacher trainings and her practice has become a lifestyle that she loves sharing with others. In her spare time, she loves spending time at the beach, boating & with her French bulldog Coconut.


Please send us your resume hello@anandayogapb.com or call us 561.810.7888 for more information on how to become an Ananda yoga instructor. The owner always suggest taking a class first before applying. Making sure our vibe is right for you! 🙂

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