✨New to Advanced Teachers, we have trainings designed just for you!✨

✨MFR & Advanced Anatomy✨

with Olivia Montiel & Erika Scribner
Aug 4th-6th

Get ready to dive into the incredible world of Fascia and Myofascial release.

Students will learn how to effectively demonstrate and apply myofascial release applications. Integrate the anatomy of the Fascial Chains, Trigger points within the body. Experience the role fascia plays in over all movement dynamics and tissue health.

Learn how to adapt MFR techniques and the essential components of myofascial chains to the integrity of movement and posture.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of fascia its properties and its dysfunction. This training will help you to serve your community in injury prevention and pain management.

*In order to receive CEUs for this training 5 class observations will be required for this training. These observations can be completed in studio or through online MFR classes that are cleared by your instructors. 

Aug 4th-6th


Friday: 4-8pm

Saturday: 9-5:30pm

Sunday: 9-5:30pm

Cost: $625

*Member discount applied at checkout.

*Must be a 200 RYT to register 🙂

*This Training provides 20hr of Advanced Anatomy CEUs approved by Yoga Alliance, MFR technique is not currently approved by YA. This training can go towards an Ananda Yoga 300hr certification or a 30hr certification in MFR & Anatomy

✨Yoga for Athletes & Chair Yoga✨

with Olivia Montiel
September 8-10th

Sharpen your cueing skills and learn how to teach dynamic, anatomical based Yoga sequences that are designed to adapt to human biomechanics.

Students will learn about common sports injury. Identify how to assist and enhance your students ability to support their practice by challenging them through mobility exercises and the mechanical understanding of using Yoga props.

We will be learning how to teach the Chair method 🪑.
A method that will surprisingly challenge your advanced students. Expand on the effective accessibility options in Yoga asana. Apply an athletic lens on soccer, tennis, golf, running, basketball, football to Yoga sequencing.

Explore how you can be creative with learning postural language. Learn how to guide breathwork for increasing optimal brainwaves for athletics focus & performance. 💥

This will help you expand your teaching to provide supportive accessibility to your classes. Learn how to apply meditation techniques to pacify the nervous system and build mindfulness for the athletic mind. 🧠

*In order to receive CEUs for this training there will be a required case study and 3 class observations. This case study can be a friend or a fellow teacher that you gather body mechanic details on and create a structured practice to help support their individual needs.


Friday: 6-8:30pm

Saturday: 9-4:30pm

Sunday: 9-6pm

Cost: $625

*Member discount applied at checkout.

*Must be a 200 RYT to register 🙂

*This Training provides 30hr CEUs approved by Yoga Alliance, can go towards an Ananda Yoga 300hr certification😊✨

✨Yin Yoga & TCM✨

with Olivia Montiel & Erika Scribner
September 29th- October 1st & 
October 20th-22nd

Are you ready to expand your teacher’s tool belt and create more opportunities to teach different styles of Yoga practice while threading evidence based practices into your classes?

Join us for a 2 Weekend intensive course that covers both Yin and how TCM relates to the yoga practice. This 50 hour training module will guide you through the lens of Elemental theory and how it applies to creating powerful Yin practices.

✨Sequencing & Creating the perfect theme for a yin class while threading meditation & breathwork immensely throughout.☯️

✨Pranayama 🌬techniques that reduce stress. 

✨Anatomy & Physiology: 💀build an understanding of the integral aspects of fascia & the physical body.

✨Deepen your knowledge with integrating the Fascial chains and TCM Meridians. Get ready for an in-depth experience into the vast world of Yin Yoga.

✨Dive deep into the #nervoussystem and how stress impacts the body.

✨Meditation practices that focus the 🧠 mind & calm the nervous system.


Components Covered:

– History & Lineage of Yin Yoga

– Anatomy of Fascia & Fascial chains

– The Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine into guiding breathwork & meditation practices.

– TCM Meridians & Sinew Channels

– Functional Movement

– Yin/Yang/Tao

– Chi & Meridian System Philosophy

– Hands on assists, acupressure points

– Use of Props 

– Contraindications.

*In this training there will be required reading material & journaling in-between weekend intensive gatherings as well as enjoying 3 yin classes.


Friday: 6-8pm

Saturday: 9-6pm

Sunday: 9-6pm

Cost: $925

*Member, Ananda Teacher or Ananda 200hr graduate discount applied at checkout.

*Must be a 200 RYT to register 🙂

*This Training provides CEUs approved by Yoga Alliance, can go towards an Ananda Yoga 300hr certification😊✨

Upcoming trainings:

Chair & Athletes 30hr
Sept 8-10

TCM & Yin Yoga 50hr
Sept 29-Oct 1
Oct 20-22

Mental Health and Wellness 30hr
Nov 3-5th

Mantra & Meditation 30hr
Dec 8-10th

Philosophy 50hr
Jan & Feb TBD

*More details to come

*These Trainings provide CEUs approved by Yoga Alliance, can go towards an Ananda Yoga 300hr certification

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