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30HR 📿 Mantra, Meditation & Yoga Nidra: A journey through the Koshas.
Dec 8th – 10th

with Olivia Montiel & Erika Scribner

Mantras can awaken the Divine and Blissful energy within us. ✨
This module is enriched by ancient wisdom and offers fresh insights into the wisdom of Mantra through appropriate meditation practices. Mantras have the power to remove obstacles in your life, protect and clear negative energy.
You will learn proper pronunciation and techniques. This training will teach you the ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘when’ of the mantra meditation practice. Without a sound knowledge of mantra, yoga is incomplete.

Mantras we will study:
Ganesh Mantra
Shiva Mantra
Sita Ram Mantra
Chakra Bija
Saraswati Mantra
Vedic Mantra
Gayatri Mantra & more!

Students will embody a profound meditation practice while experiencing the ancient traditions of yogic mantra. We will study how to use Mudras for expanding the meditation practice.

Learn how to guide transforming Yoga Nidra practices. Students will discover, experience and learn how to guide intricate Yoga Nidra practices. Learn how to use the lens of the Koshas, how having this understanding can create more ease, levity and peace in life. Practice the art of Yogic Sleep!

Dive into the world of ancient mantras, Yoga Nidra and sound-based yoga skills to enhance, refine, and enrich your yoga practice!

Empower yourself with the sound tools of Yoga to maintain and deepen connection in your daily life.
You will learn the philosophy of the Sanskrit alphabet as a language of conscious creation.
You’ll develop a profound chanting practice with a basic foundation in Sanskrit mantra pronunciation.
Develop the understanding that you are using Mantra as a tool for Self-realization.

You will get access to the tools and techniques for self-regulating your nervous system for physical, emotional, and mental health.

Use the creative power of mantra to master your mind, transform old habits, create positive mindset and illuminate new potential for your life.


Friday: 6-8pm

Saturday: 9-6pm

Sunday: 9-6pm

       *With an hour lunch

Cost: $625

*Member, Ananda Teacher or Ananda 200hr graduate discount applied at checkout.

*Must be a 200 RYT to register 🙂

*This Training provides CEUs approved by Yoga Alliance, can go towards an Ananda Yoga 300hr certification😊✨


Sound Healing, Meditation & Pranayama Training

Jan 6th & 7th

With Olivia Montiel & Erika Scribner

Join us for weekend of pure bliss! This training is designed for both Yoga Teachers and Students. You’ve been asking for a training that is for everyone and finally here we go!

We will be exploring the healing benefits of sound. Students will learn how to create the perfect symphony for a deep and powerful meditation practice. Experience the art of playing crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and chimes. Learn effective techniques that amplify one’s senses creating the ultimate atmosphere for profound transformation.

Explore how to blend pranayama and sound healing into meditation practices to create a high frequency soundscape.

Integrate the Tantric Chakra system and study how frequency can affect the energetic, physical and mental bodies.

What to expect:
⁃ Study the solfeggio scale
⁃ Learn how to play multiple instruments.
⁃ Meditation practice
⁃ Pranayama practice
⁃ Create your own unique soundscape & so much more!

Sample schedule:

10:30-1pm Opening & Practice
1pm Lunch
2-6pm Lecture/Discussion

12:30-1:30pm Practice & Journal
1:30-3:30 Lecture/Discussion
3:30 Break
4-5:15pm Specialty Group Class
5:30-6pm Closing

*This schedule order is subjected to change.

Cost: $300 Early bird, $350 after Christmas Day

This training will provide you with 12 Yoga Alliance approved CEUs and a certification.


Yoga Philosophy~ 50hr Training
Jan 12-14th & Feb 9-11th
With Olivia Montiel & Erika Scribner


Yoga philosophy is the heartbeat of the yoga practice.

Students will be guided through ancient Yogic texts and concepts that are at the core of the yoga practice.

Topics to be discussed:
⁃ The Ramayana
⁃ The Upanishads
⁃ A deep dive into Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras
⁃ The Four Traditional Paths of Yoga
⁃ The Law of Karma
⁃ The Deities of Hinduism and how they are represented in the Yoga practice.

This module is designed to deepen and broaden your knowledge of Yoga and to assist your personal spiritual practice and inner growth. It will stimulate your thinking about Yoga and the help you clarify your spiritual goals and motivate your daily spiritual practice.

Students will have learned the core concepts of yoga philosophy through history, text and practical application.
Develop an understanding for terms that usually aren’t taught, but are incredibly important to the practice.

Learn how to teach well themed classes that fully integrate the ancient traditions of Yoga.

Gain confidence to share and discuss yoga philosophy and its core concepts in your classes.

Sample Schedule:

Friday: 6-8pm

Saturday: 9-6pm

Sunday: 9-6pm

       *With an hour lunch

Cost: $925

*Member, Ananda Teacher or Ananda 200hr graduate discount applied at checkout.

*Must be a 200 RYT to register 🙂

*This course will involve research, writing and journaling.

*This Training provides 50hr CEUs approved by Yoga Alliance, can go towards an Ananda Yoga 300hr certification😊✨

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Thai Yoga Body Work Certification

With Francisco Morales-Bermúdez

Feb 9th-11th


This 3-day course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to facilitate a 90-minute Thai Yoga Bodywork (TYB) session.

Participants will gain insight into the history of the art form; learn proper technique; explore strategies for self-care; and learn business practices.

At the end of the course,  participants will be able to facilitate a sequence that integrates the essential techniques of Thai Bodywork.

Knowledge gained through the course can be utilized for yoga instruction; one on one sessions; and to deepen practitioners’ familiarity with anatomy and physiology.

Covered Topics

    • An overview of the history of Thai Massage. Including a review of ancient documents and drawings by the monks who originated this art form

    • accessing the “sen” or energy lines in the body

    • Massage techniques & assisted stretching

    • Breathwork and meditation for sustainability and endurance while facilitating thai bodywork

    • Self- care techniques

Provided Materials

    • A training manual that contains the sequence and overview of the history and methodology

    • Francisco’s 1 hour Thai Yoga Bodywork video

Sample Schedule

-Friday 5-8:30pm

-Saturday 10:30am-3:30pm

-Sunday 12:30-5:30pm


$850 early bird pricing

$950 after January 1st 2024

Francisco Morales-Bermúdez, is a healing artist from Lima, Peru. The ocean and mountains of his home country remain profound sources of inspiration for Francisco.

Over the years, he has studied with several master healers and martial artists in various regions including South America; USA: Asia; Africa; Europe and New Zealand.

For years, Francisco studied with the renowned yoga teacher, Dharma Mittra, assisting with trainings and workshops. Dharma’s philosophy of creativity; grace; and yoga as a tool for spiritual development has deeply influenced Francisco’s pedagogy.

Francisco’s exploration of healing arts led him to the practice of Thai massage and its principal of metta (love and kindness). Under the guidance of master teacher, Kam Thye Chow, Francisco mastered the art of Thai massage.

During his teacher’s passing, Francisco was chosen to carry the practice forward in the form of teacher trainings. In the early 2000’s, Francisco and a group of yogis and circus artists formed the practice which came to be known as Acro Yoga.

Francisco’s exploration of the convergence of Thai massage, yoga, and anatomy and physiology greatly influenced the techniques that are used in the practice today.

As the founder and Co-Director of Synergy Yoga, Francisco shares his teaching with international audiences through teacher trainings, retreats and wellness festivals throughout the world.

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Follow Your Bliss 300hr Trainings:

Advanced Philosophy 50hr~ Jan 12-14th & Feb 9-11th 2024

Yin & Restorative 50hr~ Feb 23-25th & Mar 8-10th 2024

Intro to Ayurveda 30hr~ TBA

Functional Sequencing & Assisting 30hr~ TBA

MFR & Advanced Anatomy 30hr~ TBA

*can be applied towards a 300hr certification 

Find Your Bliss 200hr YTT~Coming Fall 2024

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