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I love Legs Up the Wall. This posture is one of the most nourishing, grounding and calming poses I can think of, and I have turned to it many times in my own life when I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, or stressed.
What is it?

Basically, Legs Up the Wall posture is exactly as it sounds! You lie on your back with your sit-bones as close to the wall as is comfortable for you. From there, you extend your legs up the wall, so that the backs of your legs are resting fully against it.

In more therapeutic variations of this posture, you may have blocks under your hips to elevate them, creating a slight inversion in your lower belly, and a strap securing your legs together so that you can fully relax and release into the pose, without having to exert effort to hold your legs up.

For the most benefit, I generally like to recommend practicing this pose for at least 10 to 15 minutes, but even just hanging out for a minute or two will suffice. Here are five health benefits of Legs Up the Wall posture.

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1. It reduces edema in the legs and feet.
2. It relieves tired leg muscles.
3. It gives you all the benefits of inversion, without the effort.
4. It is super calming for the nervous system.
5. It helps quiet the mind.


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