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Ananda Yoga is a modern studio that brings science and tradition together. Our mission is to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere.
Choose Your Instructor or Class

Choose Your Instructor or Class

We welcome anyone from advanced yogi’s to total beginners.

Make your day a little brighter.

Make your day a little brighter.

We believe the small act of a smile is something so simple yet brings so much bliss to all.


Yoga Foundations | 65 minutes

This is the perfect class for any yoga student. Beginners can cultivate a confident foundation, and experienced yogis can refresh on alignment & develop deeper layers of awareness. The pace will be slow and smooth, pausing to breathe in the poses. Intentional cueing and the use of props makes this class perfect for anyone eager to expand their understanding of yoga and breathing techniques

*A perfect place to start your practice:)


Slow Flow Vinyasa | 65 minutes

Let your body be your guide as you mindfully flow through postures taking your time and settling into the pose in a heated studio of 85 degrees. This class is designed to let you breathe and feel the full expression of each pose and discover your personal practice, making this the perfect class for beginners and advanced students looking to slow things down.

*A perfect place to start your yoga practice!  🙂



Experience an energizing flow to waken all the senses & start your day in the best way! Our instructors create inspiring new flows to challenge and invigorate your practice & always paired with a well deserved savasana in a heated studio of 85 degrees. This class is truly a community of disciplined individuals ready to get moving with a smile on their face.
This class is not suitable for beginners. Pervious yoga experience recommended.


Vinyasa Flow | 65 minutes & 75 minutes

Vinyasa simply means to link movement with breath. Create a greater sense of awareness through connecting your breath to movement as you flow through a sequence of invigorating postures (asanas) that will help you strengthen, lengthen, and align mind, body, and spirit. Leaving you feeling the bliss in a heated studio of 85 degrees.

Previous yoga experience recommended.

VinYin | 90 minutes

Enjoy the benefits of yin and yang and bring the body, mind, and spirit into balance. Start with an energetic mindful vinyasa flow to build heat and strength in the body, then cool the body down and enjoy gently stretching the body through a series of yin poses in a heated studio of 85 degrees.

This is the perfect class for beginners and advanced students looking to balance out their practice, making this the ideal all levels class.


Yin Yoga | 65 minutes

Yin yoga is a practice that is accessible to everyone and a great complement to the always going energy (yang) in our lives.

A gentle, mindful series of postures held for longer periods of time (3-6 minutes) that aim to target specific areas of the body is the intention of this class. Instead of focusing on muscular effort, we allow the body to relax into the postures to access the deeper tissues comprised of our tissues, joints, and ligaments, areas of the body that may not be worked as much in a more active style of exercise. These areas of the body are important for overall health. Yin yoga is a practice of “doing” less while achieving more and serves as a wonderful complement to a vinyasa practice.  The fundamentals of the physical poses are supplemented with the philosophy and energetic principles of yoga.

No yoga experience is required, just a mind that wants to quiet down and relax. 🙂

Sound Healing Yin Yoga| 75 min

Get ready for self care Sunday with this divine treat of a class. Not only will you experience a lovely Yin Yoga class but you will be immersed in a crystal bowl sound healing experience like so no other. Join us as we drift away into bliss.

Yin yoga is a deep stretch meditative style of yoga designed to target particular areas of the body. Postures are held for longer periods of time (3-6 minutes) to allow the body to relax in order to access the deeper tissues (fascia) and receive deep benefits in the integrity of the tissue. The fascia is a connection system that hold our whole body together and where most tension lays, so allow yourself to dive in & give your deep tissues and nervous system a source of relax and overall health & wellbeing. Your body will thank you! 🙂

Therapeutic Yoga| 65 min

Let your body be your guide as you mindfully move taking your time and settling into each pose in a non-heated room. This class is designed to let you breathe and feel the tissues release deep within each pose and discover the therapeutic benefits of yoga. We will use various props and techniques to aid your body in its particular needs.

In this one hour yoga class get ready to experience the therapeutic effect of yoga for not only your body but your mind. This will be a mix of myofascial release, slow & mindful movements, yin and meditation.

This class is truly meant for everybody!


Movement Meditation| 65 min

This is a class for any yoga student – beginners to seasoned students. This class is different than the “traditional” meditation class where you sit in stillness. In Movement Meditation you will learn how yoga movements (asana and dynamic movement) are a form of meditation through the connection of the body, breath, mind, and soul. After the movement, the class ends with a guided meditation and a grounding Savasana.

This class is designed as an invitation to explore all facets of your existence through fun and dynamic yoga movement and stillness. A way to learn how you can take your moving meditative state off the mat in your everyday life.


Restorative Yoga| 65 min

Restorative yoga is a style of yoga that encourages physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Appropriate for all levels, restorative yoga is practiced at a slow pace, focusing on long holds, stillness, and deep breathing.

Unwind and release deep tension within the body and mind through the use of several yoga props, including bolsters, blankets & sandbags. Approachable for those with physical injury seeking to move in a gentle way.


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