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hi yoga etc. is a modern studio that brings science and tradition together. Our mission is to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere.

Choose Your Instructor or Class

Choose Your Instructor or Class

We welcome anyone from advanced yogi’s to total beginners.

Make your day a little brighter.

Make your day a little brighter.

We believe that the act of saying hi is something so simple and yet so important.


Classical Pilates Apparatus- Beginner/Intermediate |  55 minutes

These classes are designed with the beginner in mind. You will be guided through the basic reformer exercises and corect form. This is a slower paced class which will help you to work on form and familiarity with the exercises used while allowing growth in your practice.

Classical Pilates Apparatus: Intermediate/Advanced | 55 minutes

Intermediate classes are designed for students who have a working knowledge of the Pilates fundamentals and who want to step up their workout. This is an excellent class for those who have taken many private lessons and are ready for a challenging group class. The class is also good for those who have taken many beginner classes and are ready for a new challenge. Your instructor will determine whether you are ready for Intermediate classes.

Classical Pilates Apparatus: All-Levels | 55 minutes

With options for beginners and to more advanced students, this is an excellent class for those who have taken private lessons and group classes. Your instructor will guide you to movements that allow for a successful experience for everyone.

Vinyasa Flow | 65 minutes

Vinyasa flow links movements with breath as you move through a series of postures (asanas)  that creates a sequenced flow that will have you breathing and moving. Get ready to detox in a heated room 88 degrees and feel the yoga hi.

VinYin | 90 minutes

Enjoy the benefits of yin and yang and bring the body, mind, and spirit into balance. Start with an energetic vinyasa flow to build heat and strength in the body, then cool the body down and enjoy gently stretching the body through a series of yin poses. This practice is perfect for all levels.   


Yin Yoga | 65 minutes

Yin yoga is a practice that is accessible to everyone and a great complement to the yang in our lives.

A gentle, mindful series of postures held for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes) that aim to target specific areas of the body is the intention of this class. Instead of focusing on muscular effort, we allow the body to relax into the postures to access the deeper tissues comprised of our tissues, joints, and ligaments, areas of the body that may not be worked as much in a more active style of exercise. These areas of the body are important for overall health. Yin yoga is a practice of “doing” less while achieving more and serves as a wonderful complement to a vinyasa practice.  The fundamentals of the physical poses are supplemented with the philosophy and energetic principles of yoga.

Slow Flow Vinyasa | 65 minutes

Let your body be your guide as you mindfully flow through postures taking your time and settling into the pose. This class is designed to let you breathe and feel the full expression of each pose and discover your personal practice.

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